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Openskies Flight Training (Private) Limited is a nationaly accredited Civil Aviation Approved Flight Training Organisation providing Approved Pilot Training Programs for International and Sri Lankan Students.

Lean to fly in the island capital of Sri Lanka and have a time of your life.

Openskies Flight Training (OFT) aims to open a new era to Sri Lankan Aviation by providing Students from Sri Lanka as well as International Students, an institute to carry out professional, safe and an exciting flight training program under well qualified instructors and a dedicated team of student support personal.
Incorporated in 2008 is a Sister company of Australian New Zealand Education Consultant (Pvt) Ltd, is a private owned BOI approved project.


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Private Pilot License

At Openskies, our highly qualified professional instructors will take you through the full course of training to achieve your Private Pilot Licence.


Whether you are aiming for an career in aviation or simply wish to fly for pleasure, a Private Pilot License  is the perfect start to achieve your dream.


For Private Pilots wishing to expand your options there are a number of endorsements and ratings that you can add to your Private Pilot Licence. These include a night rating, aerobatic rating, multi-engine rating, and more



Airline Transport Pilot

If your dream is to become an Airline Pilot, a career in the fascinating industry and to have a work place that’s dynamic and thrilling than anything else, our Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program  can get your started. ATP Program  consists of everything you need to qualify in the aviation industry,


  • Stage 1  - Private Pilot License (Aeroplane)
  • Stage 2  - Airline Transport Pilot License Ground Theory
  • Stage 3  - Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Flight Training
  • Stage 4  - Multi Engine Endorsement


ATPL  Ground Theory

Our ATPL Ground Theory is designed for PPL and CPL/IR Holders wishing to pursue a career in the Airline Industry hoping to achieve the highest license a Pilot can hold. The ATPL Ground Theory would enable a pilot to obtain the FROZEN Airline Transport Pilot License which would become unfrozen on meeting the required Flight time as deemed by the respective licensing authority.


The ground theory is conducted in accordance with CAASL and EASA syllabuses therefore both local and international students would find sitting for their licenses a home stretch.




Other Courses

Openskies can custom make any course to suit your needs, if your regulatory requirements are different to what has been offered feel free to contact our student admissions and we shall taylor make a course that suits your needs.


Other Short Courses conducted include

Familarisation Flights


PPL / CPL / IR Renewals


CPL/IR Conversion Training


Flight Instructor Courses


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